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Meet Healthy Gal!

April 16, 2010

I am soooo excited to FINALLY introduce you to “Healthy Gal.” It’s a wonderful feeling to see an idea in my head come to reality with a lot of hard work and determination!

Let me explain “Healthy Gal.” Ok, so before I had kids I was always active and was able to maintain my weight. Then I had kids…haha… ladies, you know what I am going to say! Men, you have your struggles too (I promise I know). With my daughter, I gained 61 pounds during my pregnancy and developed hypothyroid (an under active thyroid that slows down your metabolism). Ugh…to say the least, I struggled for two and a half years to loose about 40 of those pounds, then I became pregnant with my son and gained those 40 pounds back! Needless to say, I was back at square one again! NOT FUN!! I was the biggest I have ever been in my life and miserable. I didn’t want to shop for clothes, go anywhere there was water (in fear I would have to wear a bathing suit), and I just felt like crud because I didn’t have any energy. I decided before I even delivered my son I was going to join Weight Watchers and when he was six weeks old, I did just that!

I began attending weekly Weight Watchers meetings and running on my treadmill at home. My son is now three years old and I am 6 pounds less than I was before I ever had kids. While loosing the weight was my ultimate goal when I began my journey, it is not what I am most proud to tell you today in this moment! I am most proud of myself for learning how to live a healthy lifestyle! That seems so simple, doesn’t it? But, it was the hardest, longest, and most challenging personal thing I have ever overcome.

I have learned so many wonderful things about living a healthy lifestyle that have helped me make better choices from day-to-day and from meal-to-meal. While I am not a professional and definitely not a dietitian, I know what has worked for me personally and I wanted a place where I could share my thoughts, struggles, frugal healthy eating ideas, and most importantly….I wanted a place where I could show my readers that YOU CAN EAT HEALTHY on a BUDGET!

Healthy Gal will be an ongoing series that will include frugal meal ideas, excercise ideas, and a platform for you to share your own ideas and struggles with all the lovely, supportive, and enocouraging readers we have here on Coupon Gal. Let’s face it, it’s not easy, but together we can do anything!

My hope is you will find some piece of information from Healthy Gal that will help you in your own journey. If you ever have an idea you would like to share, I am all ears and would love to have guest writers! You will find a link to Healthy Gal on the bottom navigation bar and a button to your right that you can easily click on for quick reference!

*Disclaimer: Never start a new exercise/diet regimen without consulting your Dr. first.
*Copywright: This is an original series developed and written by Coupon Gal and can not be shared without express written permission.