Newspaper Subscriptions

OH WOW!!!!!! This one is for my local Southern California readers! This is the PERFECT Groupon for the couponer!! This is absolutely the cheapest way I have EVER seen to get the Sunday newspaper coupons! It’s just $.19 per week! That’s really unheard of!!

Groupon offers 50-90% off various online stores, restaurants, spas, etc. and today they have a deal where you can get a 52-Week Subscription to the Sunday Edition of the Los Angeles Times ($52 Value) for JUST $10 through this deal on Groupon! That’s a wopping 81% OFF!! Valid only for new subscribers or those who haven’t received home delivery in 30 days.Subscriptions are limited to delivery in the following counties: Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego.

Here is how:

  • Sign-up or log in to your FREE Groupon Account!
  • Select Orange County as your city!
  • You will see theToday’s Dealis: $10 for a 52-Week Subscription to the Sunday Edition of the Los Angeles Times ($52 Value)!
  • Click on the “Buy!” button!
  • Complete your purchase for the certificate.
  • Go to your account page and you will see your certificate. Once your voucher number is listed in your account, you will be able to order your newspaper subscription! 

This Groupon offer is available until, October 24, 2010 ONLY!


Newspaper Subscription

February 27, 2009

The number one way to get your coupons is throught the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts! I bought my sunday newspaper through Discount Newspapers. They have the best prices by far! I currently pay $.50 per week and I ALWAYS use more than a $.50 coupon each week from the inserts.

Food for thought: I procrastinated a long time about subscribing to the Sunday newspaper (for whatever reason) and there were weeks that would go by that I didn’t have the coupon for this or that deal and I would get so mad at myself. Hopefully you are not like me and you already have a newspaper subscription, but if not PLEASE get one even if you have to drive to the grocery store each week to buy one….I promise it is worth your while! I know I am not disciplined enough to make sure I drive to the grocery store each week to buy one, plus it costs more….that’s why I bought my newspaper subscription. It’s convienent, easy, and one less thing I have to think about. Right?