Thank you for visiting my site! My name is Christy. I have two wonderful little munchkins at home. I gave up my career as an elementary school teacher after 5 years to stay home with my two children. I originally started this blog because my family and friends were interested in my bargain finds. I never imagined that people all over the world would be reading it, let alone even care to! I have always been an over achiever and wanted to find ways to save money in one area so I could spend it in other areas…like having fun with my family or on a little splurge here and there.

I began couponing in February 2008, and a year later, I created my blog. This endeavor has brought me down a wonderful path in my life and I am truly passionate about all the content you read here. I strive each and every day to bring you reliable information, deals, sales, online promo codes, coupons, free samples, and free offers, all while adding my own personal touch.I really do like interacting with my readers! You guys are the reason, the passion, and the motivation for me to continue to do what I do here on Coupon Gal! I have amazing readership support that just makes me smile from ear to ear! I enjoy our little chats on the Coupon Gal Facebook Page and reading your comments too! I am a little sappy, fun-loving, and sentimental too and I often share my personal thoughts with you! My hope is that you feel welcomed, comfortable, and supported by our little community here on Coupon Gal! Have a FRUGALICIOUS day my fellow couponer!


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