How to Change Facebook Feed Settings to See Pages You Want!

July 12, 2012

How do I control what I see in my Facebook news feed?

With all the Facebook changes lately, there have been several readers wanting to know how they can continue to see the stuff they want in their feed. Here are a couple solutions:

Sort Stories:

Use the Sort menu in the top right of your news feed to choose which stories you see first. Click Most Recent to see stories in the order they were posted, or click Facebook Top Stories to see the most interesting stories at the top of your news feed.


Filter by Friend Lists:

Click one of your Facebook Lists on the left side of your home page to see stories just from the people on that list.



Use the subscribe button at the top of a friend’s profile (timeline) to control how many and what kinds of stories you see from them.


Unhide Stories on Facebook:

  1. From your home page, hover over news feed in the left sidebar menu.
  2. Click the pencil icon that appears to the left.
  3. A list of people, apps, Pages, and groups you’ve hidden or unsubscribed from will appear in a pop-up box. Click the X next to each one you’d like to remove from this list. Removing someone or something from your list of hidden stories means those stories can appear in your news feed again.
  4. Click Save.


I hope this helps you see what you want to see in your Facebook. You can also sign-up for my daily email newsletter that has all the new deals I have posted each day.

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