Cottonelle Aloe & E Double Rolls Toilet Paper: $.42 Per Roll!

December 22, 2010

Since the Charmin Toilet Paper deal I wrote about early this morning is gone now, I went looking for another deal for those of you who were still interested! Here is another great opportunity to stockpile toilet paper at a really low price!! These deals usually do not last long, so grab it while you can!

Kleenex Cottonelle Aloe & E Double Rolls Toilet Paper (48 ROLLS TOTAL): $23.88
Choose to Subscribe & Save to save 15% off: (-$3.58)
Final Price: $20.30 (Just $.42 PER ROLL!)

Worried about the Subscribe & Save? You can cancel the Subscribe & Save at any time, even as soon as your order ships. Just don’t cancel it prior to this order shipping or it will cancel it.

Swaggers…remember you can redeem your Swag Bucks for a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card and get this even cheaper!! YAY!!

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